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As a few companions were sitting with me one evening, we debated in turn voluntary parenthood, voluntary motherhood, the new motherhood, constructive generation, and new generation. The terms already in use - Neo-Malthusianism, Family Limitation, and Conscious Generation seemed stuffy and lacked popular appeal... We tried population control, race control, and birth rate control. Then someone suggested 'drop the rate.' Birth control was the answer. - Margaret Sanger

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Konstantin von Neurath

Nazi and Minister of Foreign Affairs during Nazi rule.

Foreign Minister von Neurath Resigns In Protest Of Anti-Jewish Boycott
In protest of Hitler’s anti Jewish protest Foreign Minister von Neurath resigns. In response Hitler says that if von Neurath can get statements from the United States, Britain, and Foreign Jewish groups that the atrocity charges against Germany were lies, and to call off the Jewish led anti-German boycotts he would call off the Nazi Boycotts scheduled to start the next day.

Von Neurath took the charge and got the desired statements from both countries and some of the large Jewish groups apposed to the boycott. When von Neurath presented this to Hitler he still declined to stop the anti-Jew boycott.
Schacht Purposes To Freeze Accounts In Germany Belonging To Foreigners And Emigrants
After the anti-Nazi boycott had started Schacht met with von Neurath and Hitler to talk about the dire situation. For a remedy Schacht purposes that the Reichsbank freeze accounts of foreigners and emigrants. This frozen money would be used to pay reparations while the owners would only be able to spend their money in Germany.
Czech President Would Stand By Polish Invasion Of Nazi Germany
In a cable sent from von Hassell to von Neurath and von Hindenburg he stats that reliable sources close to Czech President Masaryk had stated that he would support Poland if they decided for a preemptive war against Germany.