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While the acquisition of new data is desirable, much can be done by studying the extant records of institutions. The amount of such data is enormous. They lie hidden in records of our numerous charity organizations, our 42 institutions for the feeble-minded, our 115 schools and homes for the deaf and blind, our 350 hospitals for the insane, our 1,200 refuge homes, our 1,300 prisons, our 1,500 hospitals and cur 2,500 almshouses. Our great insurance companies and our college gymnasiums have tens of thousands of records of the characters of human blood lines. These records should be studied, their hereditary data sifted out and properly recorded on cards and the cards sent to a central bureau for study in order that data should be placed in their proper relations in the great strains of human protoplasm that are coursing through the country. Thus could be learned not only the method of heredity of human characteristics but we shall identify those lines which supply our families of great men. - Charles Davenport

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German Embassy Tries To Get Rabbi Wise To Call Off Anti-Nazi March

The German Embassy in the United States called Rabbi Wise throughout the weekend before the Madison Square Garden anti-Nazi march was to take place. They repeatedly told him that if he called the rally off that Nazi - Jewish relations will improve.