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Bohemian Grove

Two week retreat in California where big business, power elite, and politicians from around the world gather to make global policy. Also known for mock human sacrifice in-front of a huge stone owl called the cremation of care, and homosexual prostitutes brought in to service the guests.

Bohemian Grove
Richard Nixon Talks About Homosexual Activities At Bohemian Grove
Started 1971-05-13Ended 1971-05-13
Released as part of the Nixon Tapes - Richard Nixon talks about how he dislikes San Francisco because of the homosexual activity, and how it is not just the “ratty part of town” that is “that way” but also the “upper class”. He goes on to say how the Bohemian Grove is the most “faggy God-damned thing you could ever imagine” and that he “won’t shake hands with anybody from San Francisco”.
David Gergen Gets Angry When Alex Jones Asks About Bohemian Grove
Alex Jones finds David Gergen at the 2004 republican convention and asks him about Gergen’s quote about not running around naked at the Bohemian Grove, and the Cremation of Care. Gergen admits “I’ve been there” and gets upset over the questions, and the fact Jones crashed the grove and made a documentary about it.
Gingrich Lies About Bohemian Grove Visits
Started 2010-02-03Ended 2010-02-03
Newt Gingrich “Lakeside” in leaked Bohemian Grove annual.Newt Gingrich “Lakeside” in leaked Bohemian Grove annual.
Asked what his role is at the Bohemian Grove, Freemasonry, and the CFR Gingrich responds “I don’t belong to the Bohemian Club, I have no role in freemasonry. And my primary activity in Council on Foreign Relations was on figuring out how to fight terrorism”. The statement about Bohemian Club is a lie seeing that his face graces the pages of leaked Bohemian Grove annuals.
Newt Gingrich Plays Stupid With Bohemian Grove Question
Started 2012-01-11Ended 2012-01-11
Luke Rudkowski with We Are Change confronts Newt Gingrich about attending Bohemian grove to which Gingrich plays stupid - acting like he does not even know what Bohemian Club is.
Tony Blankley: Newt Gingrich Goes To Bohemian Grove
Started 1995-07-20Ended 1995-07-20
In an interview with New York Times writer Maureen Dowd she asked Gingrich’s spokesman Tony Blankley why Gingrich was planing on attending Bohemian Grove. Blankley responded “Even Newt pays his obeisance to the Establishment -- which he is trying to change”.
Robert George Confirms Newt Gingrich Speech At Bohemian Grove
When asked about the contents or a transcript of a speech given by then House Speaker Gingrich his staff writer Robert George responded “I’m sorry - We do not have a copy of that speech, and it will not be transcribed ... The Bohemian Grove events are basically private functions”.
John Lehman Gives Non-Public Info Out In Bohemian Grove Speech
In a speech given at Bohemian Grove entitled “Smart Weapons” Lehman states that the Pentagon estimates that 200,000 Iraqis were killed by United States and allies during the Gulf War. This was not public information at the time.
Dick Cheney’s Bohemian Grove Government Policy Speech
In 1991 Philip Weiss sneaked into Bohemian Grove and was witness to a (then Defense Secretary) Dick Cheney speech entitled “Major Defense Problems of the 21st Century”. This is in-spite of attendees state that this is a place for fun and fellowship where no policy is discussed.
Joseph Califano’s Bohemian Grove Speech
Former Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare Joseph Califano gives a speech at Bohemian Grove with the title “America’s Health Revolution -- Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Pays”. Presumably based on his book of the same name, note the eugenic sway on the title.
Elliot Richardson Gives “New World Order” Speech At Bohemian Grove
At the Bohemian Club retreat where no policy is talked about (according to lying politicians) the former Attorney General Elliot Richardson gives a globalist speech titled “Defining the New World Order”.


David Gergen - Member
Paul Frank Pelosi - Member
Vaughn Walker - Member
Chris Matthews - Member
Mickey Steven Hart - Member
Robert Hall Weir - Member
George Herbert Walker Bush - Member
Henry Alfred Kissinger - Member
Peter Barton Wilson - Member
Eric Emerson Schmidt - Member
William Randolph Hearst - Member
Peter Phillips - Attendee
According to Debra Saunders - Phillips was there to do a doctoral dissertation on the group. He told Saunders personally after the visit that he saw “ordinary rich guys” and “some very important people” and that “They’re very clearly talking politics and business constantly”.
John Calvin Coolidge - Member
David Rockefeller - Member
James Addison Baker - Member
John F. Lehman - Member
Attended - July 1991
Richard Bruce Cheney - Member
- July 1991
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