Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled!

Render every male sterile who passes its portals, whether it be an almshouse, insane asylum, institute for the feeble minded, reformatory or prison. - Harry Clay Sharp

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Posted on the Democratic World Federalists official website (dwfed.org) they have what they call “A transcript of his acceptance speech”, but the right hand of satan comment was replaced with the following: </br> “Their leader, Pat Robertson, has written that we should have a world government but only when the messiah arrives. Attempts for world order before that time are the work of the Devil! This small but well-organized group has intimidated both the Republican Party and the Clinton administration. It has attacked presidents since F.D.R. for supporting the U.N. Robertson explains that these presidents are the unwitting agents of Lucifer.”</br> when what he really said was:</br> “Pat Robertson has written in a book a few years ago that we should have a world government, but only when the Messiah arrives. He wrote, literally, any attempt to achieve world order before that time must be the work of the Devil. Well join me - I’m glad to sit here at the right hand of Satan.”

Seymour Hersh setting in on a meeting with Dick Cheney said that the Vice President proposed a false flag to get us into a war with Iran. The idea was that the United States would create 4 to 5 Iran PT boats, load them up with Navy SEALS and a lot of arms -- and then the next time one of our boats goes through the straights of vermouth start a shoot up.

In April 2009 issue of Guitar World magazine Kirk talks about his new guitar with occult art work by Mark Ryden on it. He states how the occult images on the guitar gives him power over his audience, and how he thinks “musicians are magicians” before stopping – realizing that he is giving away to much information about his belief system and the satanic symbols on his guitar.<br/> Images on the guitar:<br/> Female Demon with Kabbalah symbols and stars on it<br/> Bee<br/> Raven<br/> All Seeing Eye (Egyptian/Satan)<br/> Caduceus With 2nd all seeing eye on top<br/> Yin-Yang (Tao)<br/> Rosicrucian rose (Freemason)<br/> Skull<br/> Scorpio<br/> Sun God<br/> Crescent Moon<br/> Dragon (Satan)<br/> “Hand From Heaven” as he calls it instead of the hand of God

Under the ruse of “helping people at home” the army’s 3rd infantry division’s 1st brigade combat team was deployed for service on United States soil under NorthCom command. The Army will use skills “acquired in the war zone” to “help with civil unrest and crowd control”. This is a violation of the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 stating that our military may not preform active duty with in the USA.

Scientists of Newcastle University admitted to inserting human DNA into a cow egg and getting it to grow for stem cells. Despite of the fact that these stem cells cannot be used in humans due to safety concerns. Also per Dr David King stem cells created in this way would have so many metabolism errors they would produce bad data thus making any information received from this next to worthless for medical therapies. It is also interesting that for some reason this UK university is submitting the research to Israel’s parliament

Kent Conrad on the advise of James Johnson called Angelo Mozilo to receive a loan for $1,070,000 at well below normal loan rates and fees. He did this a second time a few weeks later, and received a second loan for $96,000,00.

Donna Shalala received two loans from Countrywide through contact Angelo Mozilo. The first for $338,685 and the second for $202,300. The intrest rates on both loans were floated down.

Angelo Mozilo then CEO of Countrywide was handing out large loans to people in power for low closing costs and low interest rates that were not available to the public. This was a violation of Countrywide’s own ethic code which bars any employee from doing anything that may influence decisions of people in government with special loans. This is also true for government worker ethic codes saying they are not allowed to take any gift over 100 from any one person in any given year.

Chris Dodd received two loans. The first was $506,000 for a refinance of a house in Washington, the second was for $275,042 for a refinance of his home in Connecticut. The total amount of money he would have saved over the life of the loans was $75,000.

Conrad clams: “I never met Angelo Mozilo” and “I have no way of knowing how they categorized my loan. I never asked for, expected or was aware of any special treatment. From what we have been able to determine, it appears that we were given a competitive rate”

Kent Conrad outed that he did in fact call Angelo Mozilo just prior to receiving his discounted loan even though he claimed previously that he had never met him.

loan for $1,000,000 to refinance home in Washington, and saved $13,000 from point reductions. borrowed $1,300,000 to refinance California home and saved $24,000 from point reductions.

Borrowed $3,000,000 to buy a new home in California.

Alphonso Jackson borrowed $346,331 for a refinance of a home in Virginia.

Alphonso Jackson received a loan for $308,000 for a new home in South Carolina.

Kati Marton then wife of Richard Holbrooke took out $1,400,000 dollars to refinance two of their homes. Point reductions were around 1.25 or a savings of $15,000.

Kati Marton then wife of Richard Holbrooke took out a second loan for $1,200,000 dollars to refinance a home in Colorado. Point reductions were around 1.25 or a savings of $15,000.

David Holebrooke son of Richard Holbrooke took out a loan for $559,500 and received a half-point decrease to refinance a home in New York. Then received a second point reduction on another loan for $428,000 to buy another level of the New York building they live in. Total cost savings $54,000.

Dodd’s spokesman Bryan DeAngelis states “the Dodds have said from the beginning, they did not seek or expect any special rates or terms on their loans and they never received any; they were never offered special or sweetheart deals and if anyone had made such an offer, they would have severed that relationship immediately,”

Chris Dodd flip-flops on former comments about not getting any special treatment from Countrywide.

Despite both of them lying about details of the loans they received both Dodd and Conrad are cleared by the Senate ethics committee. The AP article states that the committee says that in the future the seniors should “avoid the appearance of sweetheart deals”.

When asked how the February 11th date got into the bill Dobbs denied knowing who or how it got into the bill Quote: “I can’t point a finger at someone who is responsible for authorizing the language that put that- those dates in. I can tell you this much when my language left the senate it did not include it... when it came back it did.”

Chris Dodd flip-flops from earlier statements where he said he did not write in the February 11 2009 date into the stimulus bill, and changes his story to that he was in contact with White House administration. Quote: “They came to us- our staff and asked for changes, and the changes at the time did not seem that obnoxious or onerous ... none of us- I certainly didn’t have any idea about AIG and these retention bonuses so we agreed to some modification at the time”</br>

The Times received “confidential intelligence documents” that claim Iran is “testing a key final component of a nuclear bomb”. The Times states that the document is mostly “technical” but are confirmation that the Iranian government is using the reason of making nuclear power plants as a cover for making a nuke. It later comes out that the document was faked.

Philip Giraldi who is a former United States CIA official releases information to IPS that the Document that the Times of London clams that Iran is close to having a nuke is forged. He also says that the United States was not involved with the forgery, but that Israel is probably behind it. Giraldi also goes on to say that news outlets owned by Rupert Murdoch have “been used extensively to publish false intelligence from the Israelis and occasionally from the British government”. The Times never reports that the documents was forged.